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PASPLAND Newsletter - Feb 2015


PASPLAND Newsletter - Feb 2015

Blessings brothers and sisters may the love and peace of God be in your hearts abound more and more in this new year 2015.

I hope that you may rejoice in reading this letter. We the Tay Martinez family want to share how blessed we were to be able to travel to Guatemala with the purpose of visiting our families and share the good news of salvation, with many people in need in our communities (San Martin Jilotepeque and San Andrés Itzapa).

God opened the doors to be channels of blessing in “Escuela Rural Mixta” a school in the area of Chijocon on January 5 this year; we had the opportunity to bless 40 families and 80 children with their school supplies from first grade through sixth grade. This included everything from notebooks, paintings, drawings, rulers, erasers, sharpeners, crayons, pencils and pens. The Holy Spirit gave us the wisdom to manage well the financial resources that the brothers and sisters had placed in our hands, in order to help children but still bless the school with a desk and filing cabinet for organizing children’s work. In addition bless 5 neediest families by paying the registration of their children in school.

It is important to share that registration had a cost of $6.00 per child. Anyone here in the United States could say that's nothing; but sad to know the value of a regular work day for one of these people, it is (50 Quetzales) equivalent to $7.00. We are members of Fountain of Salvation in North Bergen, every year we hear “Make a child smile on Christmas day.” The vision has been captured and it was wonderful to see the joy that radiated the faces of the children who were blessed with gifts that they wanted for Christmas and were surprised by the sponsorships PASPLAND and North Bergen who sent their gifts.

As parents we were very ministered as Yamanni our daughter who is 9 years old got to see the reality of life in Guatemala. These children live with basics only. How blessed we are to live in such abundance in this nation. I pray that God will supply them so they can succeed in their studies and start getting out of extreme poverty. Let’s continue to sow in the needy. We give all the glory to our God and declare blessings over the ministry of Fountain of Salvation.

Family: Tay Martinez


PASPLAND Newsletter - January 2015


PASPLAND Newsletter - January 2015

Thanks to the sponsors and those who showed support, our children were able to enjoy their Christmas festivities. PASPLAND will always do whatever possible to be able to bring a smile to a Child. Without your help, this would not be possible.


First of all, we give glory and honor to God for permitting us to celebrate another year with our children in Canca La Reyna. Secondly, we give thanks for each person behind making this event possible, in bringing a smile to these children. For us it was greatly satisfying to be used in this celebration and seeing them enjoy themselves. We want to take the opportunity to thank you and pray for blessings over each sponsor that voluntarily acted as channels for blessings for the children. God bless you!

Some words from the children:

“I felt happy and grateful for the beautiful celebration they had for us. I’m thankful for the gifts that they gave us, they’re so nice, thanks to my sponsor.”

“I was very happy because even though I don’t know you, you gave me an awesome meal and an awesome present. Thank you. May God bless you today, tomorrow, and forever.”

“I felt so special en our celebration that you the sponsors had gifted us, thanks for my gift, it’s so good, thanks for the party, may God return sevenfold what you have done. I was able to share with my friends and enjoyed it very much. God bless you!”

“It was very nice, and I felt very good. The food was very good, everything was beautiful. I enjoyed being with my friends, I liked the message that was given, I liked my gift very much. I am very thankful.”

“I thank the sponsors for the help they gave me, never before have I had a party. I am happy. Thank you for making my dream come true in having a remote-control car. My favorite food was the pastelón.”

“I was happy, had a great morning, I felt important, thanks to my sponsor for their generosity, I say it from my heart.”


Blessings! We thank God for each sponsor and for you who made the Christmas Celebration possible in PASPLAND Mexico. On the 16th in Ciudad Victoria there was happiness and smiles. We were able to give a present to each small child. We gave them meals and a delicious dessert, we blessed 30 mothers with a pantry, and dreams were realized with so many toys and games.

January 3rd in Juarez, we got together with the children who are part of the program there, and I saw a palpable change in the lives of the children in the past 8 months since we opened a center there. It was also a time of joy, smiles, and sharing. Guillermo, one of the children, received a pair of sneakers. His face was filled with joy when he changed his old shoes for the new ones. This was impactful for us, also in seeing a Barbie in the hands of Gadiel, and in seeing other children with their toys. The truth is that Social Action goes beyond this, and we were able to bless 145 children in PASPLAND Mexico.

2014 was a very fruitful year in the lives of each child and each family that was represented. PASPLAND goes beyond a plate of food. We are changing the fates of many of the children and also affecting their families. Thanks to the sponsors for collaborating in this task, in impacting and social transformation. Thanks to Pastora Irma for all of this! We love you!

- Adriana and the PASPLAND Mexico team.