Written by Pastor Ignacio Torres, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Deuteronomy 12:4
You must not worship the Lord your God in their way.


I have never read about nor have I experienced a time where you are able to search for things as easily as you can nowadays. Today we enjoy a lot of technology, science, inventions, just as the Bible prophesied in the book of Daniel. Everything is easy, convenient and fast. We are able to enjoy these privileges very much.
With these advances also comes the easy access to sin.With technology we can bring sin into our home or allow it to leave our home. We live in a society where things are gray, neither one thing nor the other. A society that tells us “If you like to do it, do it!”, “Let’s enjoy today and then pay tomorrow.”, “Life is short enjoy it today.” This leads us to take advantage of the advances of today to lead a sinful lifestyle. However, it does not have to be so.
You can be an agent of change, an example for this society and say:
Now is better than ever: to let Christ shine on me in the midst of all darkness.
Now is better than ever: to use technology as a means to proclaim Christ to the salvation of souls.
Now is better than ever: !to show other young people the joy of the Lord and show them that those who do not serve Christ do not live, they just exist. Because only He can fill the void in the heart of every human being.
Now is better than ever: Now that I am young, to live a holy life for God rejecting the passing pleasures of sin.
Now is better than ever: to put my gifts and talents to serve God by always being available, before I reach old age and my strength is exhausted.
Now is better than ever: to be instructed and formed by the word of God and be ready to exercise a powerful ministry in God.
Now is better than ever: !Everything that comes to my hands do it for the Lord, and according to my strengths.


Lord, thank you for allowing me to born in such a time as this. I believe that you have a purpose for my life. I want to serve you now, when I’m young. I want to give you the best years of my life. Please help me to take advantage of the times and of the advances that I have now, and please you with them. Help me be an agent of change for You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Take Action

Today I will not wait for a "better time" to serve God.
Today I will serve God with everything. Now is better than never!