Written by Teresita Pascual, San Fernando, Spain

"These are not the world, as I am not the world" John 17:16


God has great purpose for those who are in this world but remain detached from it. He came into our hearts to be the shining church, if we walk among darkness we should be light, if our acquaintances are bad, bring them on track, if lies surround you, then speak the truth. This is why we are here, this is why we are saved and set free. We can not allow the "world" to reach us. We are here to give the world its flavor, and be the light in the darkness.


Lord, you know the darkness that runs wild in this world, I pray that you help me be salt to give the world flavor and light to illuminate the darkness with truth and life. Help me not become attached to this world, even as you have called me to reach it. Amen.


As your friends listen to music that is ungodly, or lie, cheat on tests or steal, resolve to do what is good in the eyes of the Lord. That is light in darkness.